South coast skate club is a not for profit community interest company set up in 2017 under the name Skate Squids and later re-named as South coast skate club and registered as a C.I.C in 2019.

 SCSC was set up to help introduce people to the skateboard community in Worthing by putting on free meet ups at our local skatepark (Homefield) with equitment and skateboards to borrow with helpful hints and tips on how to skateboard from long time local and founder of SCSC Dale Lay with the support of the local skate/bmx/scooter community we have put on events and meet ups every Saturday and Sunday that the weather permits.

 We have worked closely with the council in getting involed with Causes,events and other community groups in the area to promote the postive impact that skateboarding can have on the community and the wellbeing of indivuals.

 Since the start of SCSC we have always tried to keep the club free from any kind of fee, by running fund raising events to crowdfunding, we also produce products to sell to keep money coming into the club,we have been very lucky to have had the help of some very high profile skateboarders/artists by asking them to re-design our logo font but in their own our club t shirts a very unique selling point.

 Before the true impact of the corona virus hit the UK we ran an indoor youth club on Wednesday nights with a small team helping the members tp learn about screen printing,making their own skate wax,art work and many other things.

 All the people involed in the club are local voluenteers putting in the work in their spare time we have-

Four Directors-Julie Johnson-Tom Stephens-Jo Branch-Dale lay

Accounts/IT Technican-Charlie Ferguson

Carpenter-David Cracknell

Photographer-Lucy Greenslade

SCSC Assistant/Music teacher-Ben Greco

Founder-Dale Lay